Selena Gomez’s kidney “flipped” after surgery, and here’s what that means

Karen Fratti
Selena Gomez’s kidney “flipped” after surgery, and here’s what that means

Watching BFF Francia Raisa donate a kidney to Selena Gomez this summer was inspiring, but now that both stars are opening up about the procedure, it’s official: They made it look way easier than it was. In a new interview with The Today ShowSelena Gomez says that her kidney “flipped” after the initial surgery, and it was an incredibly scary experience.

According to the Today Show, doctors informed her that her kidney was literally turning around inside her body.

Gomez recalled that directly after surgery, “I felt okay. I felt good. […] And then I went back to my room and I started to attempt to fall asleep. And in the middle of that process I started hyperventilating. There was so much pain there. My teeth were grinding. I was freaking out.”

She went on to say that doctors had to operate on her for an additional six hours after the two hours she had already been operated on.

We already knew Gomez was a badass, but she continues to amaze us every time we hear more about her recent health struggles. She’s been battling Lupus since 2012, but only spoke about it in public in 2015. She told Today, “My mentality was just to keep going.”

Even those closest to her weren’t privy to everything she had been going through. Raisa said that one day she was watching her friend struggle with opening a bottle of water. “She chucked it and she started crying,” Raisa recalled in the Today interview. “I said, ‘What’s wrong?’ and that’s when she told me. She goes, ‘I don’t know what to do. The list is seven to 10 years long,'” Raisa recounted.

It was then that Raisa insisted on getting tested to see if she could be a donor (Raisa is part of Grown-ish, the Black-ish spinoff with Yara Shahidi).

We’re so glad both women are doing well after the initial post-surgery scare. We’re sending all our love for their continued recovery!