Selena Gomez reveals accent anxiety

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez feared people would think she was “crazy” for putting on a British accent in her recent film.

The singer-and-actress stars in the comedy Monte Carlo, where she experiments with an English enunciation. The stunning star was initially hesitant about changing up her voice, but was relieved when her anxieties were proven unfounded.

“I tried, I was so nervous!” she exclaimed in an interview with the UK edition of OK! magazine.

“I was like, this movie is going to be released in England, and they are going to think I’m crazy! But yeah, it was fun!”

Selena found inspiration from regular trips to the country. The 19-year-old star also worked hard with a voice professional.

“Kind of,” she revealed when asked if she picked up the accent on visits to England.

“It’s the one place I’ve been to more than any other place in the world. And I love movies like Bridget Jones’s Diary, but I also had a dialect coach.”

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