Self-proclaimed Instagram-worthy bento gets more fame on Twitter instead

A bento manufacturer in Shizuoka said its bento was very Instagrammable. (Photo: Twitter/Nanami Hanon)

Food is among one of the top few things people post on Instagram. Solely the hashtag #food already documented more than 240 million Instagram posts. But how do restaurants and eateries make their menus stand out or even make it onto Instagram? Undoubtedly, looks play a part and one Japanese bento, like those you see in a Japanese supermarket, proclaimed itself to be Instagram-worthy.

On the price tag, along with the manufacture date and expiry date, the bento was named “Aiming-to-be-featured-on-Instagram Bento”. The photo of the bento was posted by Shizuoka city, Shimizu ward’s mascot, Nanami Hanon. “This is currently Shizuoka’s most Instagram-worthy bento,” said the tweet.

But oh, the irony. The bento sadly did not make it big on the Instagram platform; it landed itself among retweets, likes and comments on Twitter instead. Even Japanese Twitter users are trolling this bento with high aspirations, saying: “Isn’t it more popular on Twitter (lol),” “On the contrary, is it aiming to be featured on Twitter?”

A lot of photos that get a spot on Instagram sparkle with uniqueness and bright colours. As some Japanese Twitter users pointed out, with the dull and brown side dish, the bento more or less would not make it onto Instagram.

The Shizuoka food manufacturer who produced this bento, however, did not expect it to become such a hot topic. They merely established a stance towards being Instagram-worthy, which is an important keyword for the company, and do not deny the current Instagram culture. They expressed gratitude for making Shizuoka bento a buzzword.

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