Senator Sonny Angara gets backlash for ‘inappropriate’ tweet about water crisis

Politicians, please don’t try too hard to seem cool.

It could lead to something really embarrassing — or worse, inappropriate — like what happened with re-electionist Senator Edgardo “Sonny” Angara’s recent tweet about the ongoing water crisis.

He tweeted in a mix of English and Filipino on Friday: “It’s hard to [have] Sexy Time if you’re using a water dipper lol #shower together #conservewater #theresnowater”

Angara, who ranks 3rd to 9th places in the senatorial polls, added some pretty suggestive emojis of two people in love, a monkey shielding its eyes, and water emojis.

While the tweet was obviously meant to be funny, it backfired pretty hard on him.

Many households in Metro Manila have been experiencing controversial water interruptions ever since the beginning of the month. Those who usually use showers are forced to store water in buckets and do the more traditionally Filipino practice of using tabo or “dipper” to bathe.

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It’s a serious and touchy subject so netizens were obviously not happy with what Angara said.

“I see, Sonny Angara is not hiding anymore. His personal tweets show character—bad character,” said @macronikki. “Why should we even vote for this guy?!?!? #NoToAngara”

“Dear Sonny Angara, stay away from Twitter. You are terrible at it,” said @13thFool.

@kaeofficial tweeted, “Manila: residents suffering from a water crisis, can’t go to work or school, hospitals cutting patients
Sonny Angara, a senator: cool. Perfect time to make a joke about sex in the shower.”

@dumidyeypee said: “[This is a] [l]ighthearted joke? [It’s] [i]nsensitive, inappropriate and unnecessary.”

Twitter user @dennismari said in a mix of English and Filipino: “So just get through the suffering of other people through humor?”

Angara responded, saying: “We’re all in this together and we will come up with a solution.”

@itsmikerebuyas shot back: “You’re part of the problem, idiot.”

@danyelito9 shared images of people filling up water with buckets.

“Contemplate on the plight of your fellow countrymen because of the water crisis. Then check your tweet again and let us know what you feel.”

“Sir. This is actually a serious problem for those affected and it’s kind of insensitive to pass this off as a joking matter,” said @Legally_K.

“Because you want to be cool for the election, you looked even more useless,” said @HopiaAnonymous.

The Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) earlier said that the water shortage is due to high demand brought by an increase in population. Manila Water, the water provider that established the water interruptions, said its limited supply was caused by the drought, GMA News reported.

They scheduled the interruptions so their supply would last until the end of the summer season in June. Manila Water services the eastern part of Metro Manila. Maynilad, which services the western zone, is not affected by the alleged lack of water supply.

People have become antsy because of the water interruptions, especially because the government can’t seem to solve the problem. Some have even alleged that the government is purposely withholding the water supply.

Last week, government officials pushed for the approval of a China-funded dam project called the Kaliwa Dam in Infanta, Quezon province. This, even though environmentalists have protested against it as they believe it will destroy the biodiversity in the Siera Madre mountains. They said it could also displace communities living in the provinces of Quezon and Rizal.

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