Send a call from Santa, create your own custom Christmas animation and get free WiFi

Send a call from Santa at:

This year you can get festive and surprise your friends and family with holiday-themed cards, phone calls from Santa and personalized Christmas video messages without putting your computer or smartphone down.

For the second year running Google is enabling people living in the US and Canada to create and send a personalized phone call from Santa over the phone via its website,

"Starting today, anyone in the world can create and send a personalized cartoon video message (in English only) from Santa to anyone you know, anywhere in the world, and share them through email and Google+," said Trevor Claiborne, product marketing manager, Google.

For Christmas, VoIP service Skype is re-launching its free WiFi for travelers in the US. From December 21 through 27, people in the US will be able to access one hour of free WiFi (and free Skype-to-Skype video calls) at selected airports in the US.

Apple iPod touch and iPhone owners can create and send (physical) Christmas-themed cards to their loved one via the free, Apple-made app Cards.

Instead of cards and videos, Microsoft has kicked off its 12 days of discounts promotion, offering new discounts each day until Christmas on popular Xbox games, add-ons and avatars via Xbox LIVE.