Send These DMs to Your Dating App Match—Based on Their Sun Sign—Break the Ice

Lisa Stardust
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From Cosmopolitan

Now that you’ve matched on Tinder, it’s time to actually say something to your potential boo. The stakes are high here! A “sup” is not enough. (It’s also annoying.) But, so, WTF do you say to guarantee they write back and you’re not left unread and forced to enter witness protection?!?! The stars have the answer, bb. Drop one of the ice breakers below—based on maybe-bae’s Sun Sign—and the initial convo will be totally chill, promise!

Aries: “Want to go on an adventure with me?”

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries don’t skip a beat. Skip the B.S. small talk and jump right in!

Taurus: “What’s your fave restaurant?”

The Bull is hands down the zodiac’s fooodiest foodie and they love to flex about the latest weird, funky, fancy bite they’ve had. Heads up: Applebee’s is an instant block.

Gemini: “What are you doing this weekend? Anything fun? Who are you hanging out with? What’s your love language?”

Geminis are chatty AF—seriously a couple DMs and you’ll feel as though the first date has already happened. Don’t fall victim to this false sense of security because they’ll flake on meeting IRL if you share too much via messaging. Flip the convo and ask them questions instead.

Cancer: “Hi, want to come over and cuddle?”

Crabs are softies on the inside. This may seem forward, but they never turn down a Netflix and chill (like, actually chill) sesh.

Leo: “What shampoo do you use?”

Well, spotting a Leo isn’t hard on dating apps—look for the gazillion selfies. Show a little love to their massive egos by asking questions about, what else, their hair.

Virgo: “The grammar in your profile is *chef’s kiss*.”

Heads up: Virgos will examine your profile over and over again—it’s what they do—so you better not have any grammatical mistakes.

Libra: “What hot spot are you taking me to?”

Libras are bon vivants and enjoy the posh life. This means they’ll want to wine and dine 24/7—and they obvs know the flyest places to hit up on a first date.

Scorpio: “Let’s play a game of Truth or Dare!”

Right away, Scorpio will need to know what your emotional limits are—which is why a game of Truth or Dare will serve to take the edge off any initial too-intense conversations and create some ~intrigue~. Just don’t overshare your feelings.

Sagittarius: “What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done?”

Sagittarius is a fiery sign that loves to push buttons and be controversial. Warning: they’ll want to know all about your secrets too (it turns them on to know everything about the person they may possibly date).

Capricorn: “What role do you serve in your company?”

Workaholic Cap is a no nonsense dater who’s only interested in a first date if it fits into their 25/8 office schedule. They’ve always got work on the mind so, you might as well ask about it, ya know?

Aquarius: “Who did you vote for in the last election?”

Political Aquarius needs to know ASAP if you share their same POVS as they do. If not, they’ll ghost the conversation mid-sentence without any notice and move on.

Pisces: “😍👋➡️✍️🍽🍸❓” (Translation: You’re cute. Hi. I saw your online profile and decided to write to you. Wanna get dinner or a drink?)

Pisces prefer emojis over words—to them, the world as one big sweeping artistic vision. It’s also an easy way to protect their tender hearts from possible rejection, too.

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