Series ‘Boyfriend No. 13’ releases new episodes

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WETV Original series “Boyfriend No. 13” follows the love life of Kimverly Santillan (Sue Ramirez) and her dilemma: Her officemate, Bob (JC Santos), volunteered to step in as the unlucky 13th boyfriend, so Kim could get closer to her soulmate, Don.

WeTV gives its users a treat with two new episodes this week. The first one was released on July 21. The next one will be released on July 23 at 7 p.m. The episodes can be streamed for free.

Ramirez, Santos and De Vera deliver on the charm and comedic timing as their characters not only navigate love and relationships, but also attempt to figure out what destiny has in store.

During casting, Ramirez and Santos were locked in for their roles, while director Sweet Lapus saw in De Vera just what the story needed to complete the unique love triangle.

Join Kim on this fun journey to true love with two new episodes of “Boyfriend No. 13” on WeTV. (PR)

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