“Sesame Street at 50”

“SESAME Street,” a long-standing educational children’s TV show just turned 50 this year. First released in the fall of 1969, the show was created to educate the most impressionable of audiences, children.

“It wasn’t about if kids were learning from TV, it was about what they were learning from TV,” said Steve Youngwood, the chief operating officer of Sesame Workshop. “If they could harness that power to teach them the alphabet and their numbers as opposed to the words to beer commercials, you may be able to make a really big difference.”

Since its creation, the show has had various celebrity appearances, such as Anderson Cooper, Janelle Monae and Sara Jessica Parker—to name a few.

Though some shows might have lasted longer, Sesame Street was one of the more iconic ones and has had a huge cultural impact—shaping the minds of children today and their parents that came before them. (TLN)