Set Forth Philippines: Closing the educational gap of Filipino youth

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ACCESS to education is a right and not a privilege. However, that is not the case in reality. Sometimes, it’s because of logistics. Most times, it’s due to lack of financial resources.

This already pressing issue worsened during the pandemic. But a young Cebuana was not just going to stand by and let any of this go on without doing anything—so she set forth to make a difference.

Founded by 17-year-old Renoa Richelle King, Set Forth Philippines is a non-government organization that aims to empower Filipino children through equal, accessible and transformative education by developing sustainable and advanced learning initiatives in the spirit of Bayanihan. Its tagline is “All for education. Education for all.”

Through her parents’ philanthropy, Renoa was exposed to outreach activities and giving back to underprivileged communities at an early age. It was only a matter of time before she would start her own advocacy and legacy. It wasn’t until last year when the lockdown happened that she had her light bulb moment.

“As a student myself, I could feel the quality of education declining. It made me realize that although this pandemic has affected us all, the weight of its difficulty certainly varies across different segments of society,” said Renoa.

On what pushed her to start Set Forth, she recalls a very powerful statement uttered by her father in one of their conversations: “There is even more reason to help when things get difficult.” It was the push she needed to finally get her idea off the ground. Renoa firmly believes that education is the first step in breaking the chains of poverty, so she hopes to make a change with Set Forth.

So far, Set Forth has already distributed school supplies and learning materials to several communities in Cebu. In the long run, the NGO hopes to make an impact on a larger scale, not just in Cebu but all over the country.

One of its flagship goals is to create an assistance learning center in mountainous areas and provide educational materials and internet access to the families in these communities.

“Our hope is for every Filipino child to be able to learn and dream, and for us to support those dreams and aspirations in any way we can,” shared Renoa.

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