Seven Perlas Spikers, one coach test positive for COVID-19

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The bubble training of the Perlas Spikers ahead of the Premier Volleyball League (PVL) Open Conference. (Photo: Perlas Spikers/Facebook)
The bubble training of the Perlas Spikers ahead of the Premier Volleyball League (PVL) Open Conference. (Photo: Perlas Spikers/Facebook)

The Perlas Spikers have hit a snag ahead of the Premier Volleyball League Open Conference as seven players and one coach have tested positive from the coronavirus.

The team confirmed the unfortunate development through a statement posted on their social media accounts on Monday (June 28).

"We ask for your prayers for the seven players and one coach who tested positive after taking RT-PCR tests," the statement read.

For privacy reason, the names of the players and coach were withheld. Team captain Jem Ferrer said that everyone who contracted the disease is already "in the quarantine facility and recovering."

The team did not disclose any further information on how the virus found its way within the team.

The Perlas Spikers have been training in a bubble setup at the St. Vincent Gym in Baguio City, which has seen a surge of COVID-19 cases recently.

Ferrer also assured that no Perlas Spiker has violated the provisions set up by the government during their stay in the summer capital of the Philippines, in contrast to several reports circulating about the team.

"I would like to clarify the following: We are not billeted in Teacher’s Camp. The only places that we go to apart from our accommodation are our court training venue and our gym training," she said.

"And with regard to the news that we snuck out of Teacher’s Camp that is 1,000% not true because number 1, we are not staying there, and number 2, in our accommodation there is a CCTV that monitors us 24/7 and that can prove that we do not go out of our gates except for court training and gym training as mentioned earlier," she continued.

As dire as the situation may seem, the team remains positive that it will be able to participate in the fast approaching PVL Open Conference, which is set to commence on July 17.

"And as always, we look forward to playing volleyball again."

Ohmer Bautista is a sports journalist who has covered local and international sporting events in the Philippines. The views expressed are his own.

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