Several STL outlets in Mandaue shut down

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AT LEAST 160 Small Town Lottery (STL) outlets in Mandaue City were shut down by its Business and Licensing Office (BPLO) due to lack of permits.

In an interview on Wednesday, June 1, 2022, BPLO head August Lizer Malate said their operation against the 160 outlets that were found operating with incomplete permits started last May 27.

He said the operations were conducted after a number of STLs were seen popping up in the city recently, with most of the outlets located near churches, markets, and schools.

Malate, lawyer, said STL outlets must not be installed very near public places. Mandaue currently has around 200 operational STL outlets, said Malate.

According to the 2022 Small Town Lottery Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations, STL refers to the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office’s (PCSO) “mass-based local lottery in provinces, or in highly urbanized or independent component cities.” It includes activities such as collection of bets, issuance of tickets, conduct and holding of draws, payments to winners and remittances, and other related activities.

Malate said the 160 outlets that were found operating with incomplete permits were issued cease and desist orders.

“These STLs can operate again if they comply with all the necessary requirements laid out in the city ordinance. They should know all these upon entering a jurisdiction, even if we say this is legal gambling. We will monitor these,” he said.

Some of the requirements checked by the BPLO were the outlets’ compliance to location guidelines, and a leasing permit for those who rented areas for their STL operations.

The Mandaue BPLO is also checking whether the outlets have the authorization of the PCSO.

Data from the BPLO showed that there are an average of 10 STLs operating in a barangay in Mandaue City.

Malate said they would coordinate with the PCSO regarding the matter. (LMY)

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