Sex doll ‘brothel’ opens in Germany (and some men’s wives wait in cars outside)

Rob Waugh

A rather unusual brothel has opened in Germany, where the ‘prostitutes’ are all made of plastic – they’re silicon dolls, available to rent for £71 an hour.

The Dortmund brothel is called ‘Bordoll’ (from ‘bordello’ and ‘doll’) and offers 11 silicon love dolls, which all have their own names, says owner Evelyn Schwarz, 29.

She says that some of the clients of the ‘plastic prostitutes’ are quite open about their habit with their wives – who wait patiently in cars outside.


The 30kg sex dolls are imported from Asia and cost her £1,786 GBP each.

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They all have different heights, hair colour and breast sizes.

One sex doll is made to look exactly like a blue-haired Japanese anime character.

Schwarz says the dolls are now being booked around 12 times a day each, and that she has a lot of repeat custom.


Schwarz said: ‘For many it is not a fetish but more of a curiosity. From those on benefits to judges. Seventy percent of men also come back.’

She says that many wives react ‘with tolerance’ to their husbands having sex with the dolls, saying, ‘They see it as a toy.’