Sexy Beasts has finally launched on Netflix and people are all having the same surprising reaction

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Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Netflix's weird and wonderful (jury's out on wonderful) new dating show Sexy Beasts has finally landed on the streamer, and once viewers got over the initial shock they all got on Twitter and said exactly the same thing.

In case you need a recap Netflix describes Sexy Beasts, which is a reboot of BBC Three's 2014 version, as a show for people "ready to say goodbye to superficial dating."

They continued, "Sexy Beasts is the dating show that takes looks completely out of the equation using fantastical, cutting edge prosthetics to transform the daters - giving them a chance to find love purely based on personality!"

The trailer itself welcomes viewers to the "strangest blind date ever," and after the show's big reveal yesterday, fans are confirming that this is very much the case.

Of course, Twitter is full of people who binged the show immediately and have some *thoughts*, but there's one thing lots of people agreed on about the show, and it might surprise you.

In the lead up to the show's release viewers were ready for something truly bizarre. We've been inundated with dating shows over the years so people were ready and excited for something really off-the-charts-odd.

However, what transpired after people started watching the show was somehow even more confusing than the mouse with the mullet. Viewers were, well... a little bored?

Well, we didn't expect that.

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