Shaq's outrageous glow-in-the-dark shoes are The Real Big Baller Brand

We have almost reached the NBA’s dead period, when players, coaches and executive go off on vacation, out of the spotlight. Those who talk and write about the league usually find their ways off the grid too.

One former player and current analyst, however, seems extremely content with remaining in the spotlight. Very, very much in the spotlight. I mean … just look these:

Classic Shaq. Classic. And it’s not just those absurdly bright shoes either. The hashtags on the Instagram post are wonderful. #shineonem. #feetwork. #shaqshoestherealbigballerbrand.

One more time, just for effect:


This isn’t the first time Shaq has thrown a bit of shade at Big Baller Brand, the shoe and apparel company founded by LaVar Ball and sons. He previously called out LaVar for the price of Big Baller Brand’s first signature shoe, which still sells for $495 at minimum.

But regardless of price, which would you rather wear, those plain, uninspiring ZO2’s? Or … whatever we’re going to call these?


If you’re a true big baller, you’ll choose the latter.