Sharon Cuneta denies issue with Lea Salonga

11 Aug - Singer-actress Sharon Cuneta has dismissed allegations that she had a fall-out with Lea Salonga.

As reported on PEP, the issue sparked in late July when Salonga posted on Twitter, "There is a big difference between real humility and false modesty. It takes just a little discernment to figure out which is which."

Netizens who saw the post speculated that Salonga was directing her tweet towards Cuneta, as it coincided with the grand finals of "The Voice Teens".

Some also believed that Salonga's tweet might have something to do with the rumoured issue that involves Cuneta and another fellow coach, Sarah Geronimo - a rumour that Cuneta and Geronimo recently dispelled.

Responding to the issue recently, Cuneta wrote on Facebook that she and Salonga have no issues whatsoever with each other.

"It wasn't me that Lea was talking about. Sorry, but we are in touch. We are not [in conflict]. End of issue!," she said.

On the other hand, Salonga clarified that the post has nothing to do with the grand finals of "The Voice Teens", and that it was just something she concluded from a previous conversation with a friend.

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