Sharon Cuneta encourages BB Gandanghari to stay strong

8 Jan – Actress Sharon Cuneta recently assured BB Gandanghari that everything will be fine, following the latter's recent open letter on Instagram noting the difficulties she faced being a transgender woman who is trying to make it big in Hollywood.

As reported on GMA, Gandanghari shared a two-part open letter on Instagram, sharing the difficulties she faced as she pursues her dream of being an actor in Hollywood.

She started, "Exactly a year ago, I was definitely on cloud nine. I felt very legal and official, I just finished some courses from UCLA, feeling comfy with the new crib, simply excited to rebuild a life, a career, as I continue this journey to womanhood. I was also feeling optimistic of a Hollywood career, so optimistic that with just a few bucks in my pocket, I was ready to go, feeling all planned out. That I am giving myself 3 months to get signed up by a top AGENCY and doors would open wide and Hollywood would embrace me 'oh so lovingly,' as my dream dictates. I was WRONG, of course."

Gandanghari proceeded to share how tough life had been since she moved to Los Angeles, from finding an agency to represent her, finding a job as a working actor, and working part time to pay the bills - all the while trying to overcome obstacles as a transgender woman.

Cuneta, who saw the post, then commented, "Things can never stay the way they are for long. This too, shall pass. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? In the end, if your plans don't work out, there are plans B, C, D, and so on and so forth!"

"You have allowed yourself to be in this situation and no matter what the outcome, you will have learned precious life lessons and gained more life tools that many of us will never get. And maybe not in the ways you want, but your efforts will be rewarded somehow. Meantime, lots of us love you and wish you only true happiness" she added.

Gandanghari later responded, writing, "I miss you Shawie... thank you for your thoughts. I wish you more mega hits this year! Love you more!"

On the other hand, Gandanghari shared in her second open letter that she had since signed with The Brogan Agency.

"So far, I have auditioned to some of the top network shows that I never thought I would ever have the chance to do so and went as far as being on hold for a role, I'm proud to say. 2017, I will always remember as the year I finally come to terms with my whole BEING," she added.

(Photo Source: BB Gandanghari Instagram)