Sharon Cuneta expresses love for daughter KC Concepcion

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14 Aug – Sharon Cuneta recently took to social media to dedicate a post for her eldest daughter KC Concepcion to express how much she loves her.

The actress posted a couple of pictures of KC, including one of her and Gabby holding their newborn, writing, "My eldest, this baby girl, should never have been made to feel alone... She didn't choose to be born into a family that started out with so much love only to be broken apart into a million pieces, like her mother's heart."

"If I could... I would turn back the clock, and though I know the break-up still would have happened, I would try to shield her innocence from time... But the part of life I gave her isn't mine... Yet I would... If only I could..."

Cuneta added that though they are no longer together, she, Gabby and KC will always be a family in a way.

The actress also revealed that she and Gabby actually had planned to have more children prior to their divorce, and even had a name for a son - Gavin.

"You are not alone. If anything, there's more of us on both sides for you! Still...I feel you anak. Mija. Our baby girl," she added.

(Photo Source: Sharon Cuneta Instagram)

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