Sharon Stone: Flaunt your body

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone says you should dress according to your body not your date of birth.

The 54-year-old actress still causes a stir when she attends red carpet events. Sharon is famously proud of her body and isn’t afraid to make the best of her appearance. She finds it frustrating when people expect her to cover up just because she is getting older.

"We should burn those magazine's pages which tell you what to wear according to your age,” the former model is quoted as saying by “What matters is your body, not your date of birth."

Sharon also shared her views on cosmetic surgery.

She understands why some people go under the surgeon’s knife to delay the signs of ageing. The star also has sympathy for men who are eager to maintain their youthful appearance – but doesn’t think guys should have too much work done.

"I think plastic surgeons have mastered what they do,” she added. “If you want to do it and it makes you feel better about yourself, then good for you! Personally I think men should go under the knife in moderation."

Sharon also revealed an unusual beauty secret.

Whenever she is getting ready for a glitzy bash, the actress has a special routine to ensure her face is ready for the cameras.

"Before a big event, I put my make-up on first, then I take a bath for my make-up to soak deep enough. This is a real trick," she explained.

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