Distraught 5-Year-Old Girl Thinks Mom's Passport Proves She's an Alien

A five-year-old girl was almost inconsolable on September 20 after concluding that her mom was an alien due to an image of a planet — the planet Earth — printed inside her mother’s passport.

Mother Shaakira Brandon took this video her daughter, Nala-Joye, crying over the discovery at their home in Houston, Texas.

“Why are you crying?” Brandon asks Nala-Joye, who replies by opening up the passport to the page with the image.

“And what do you think that means?” Brandon asks her.

“You’re an alien!” Nala-Joye exclaims. Brandon tries to explain the images in the passport to her daughter, to put her mind at ease.

“Shoulda never let her watch MIB,” Brandon wrote on Twitter in reference to Men in Black, a series of science-fiction comedy movies in which government agents track down aliens disguised as humans or other earthly creatures. Credit: Shaakira Brandon via Storyful

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