The end of clingfilm? These re-usable silicone lids are a game changer

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These lids keep everything fresh for longer.
These lids keep everything fresh for longer.

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If you’ve been trying to make sustainable swaps in your everyday life, you’ll already have noticed that some things are easier than others.

For instance, swapping an aerosol deodorant over to a more natural, roll-on equivalent is as easy as a trip to the supermarket, but when it comes to food storage things can get a little trickier.

Yes, we can decant leftovers into glass jars and tubs to store away, but that creates lots of extra mess and - let’s face it - takes time and patience that we don’t always have.

But, if you’re determined to cut down on the amount of clingfilm that you use, we do have a clever alternative: the DigHealth Silicone Stretch Lids.

These versatile, stretchy, re-usable lids fit every bowl, glassware, jar, food can, watermelon (round, square, odd-shaped), cantaloupe or other fruits and vegetables (even an avocado) to make sure that it stays fresh and untouched while in storage.

Genius, right?

Why we love them:

What’s not to love about a reusable lid that can be stretched over anything and everything and then just popped into the dishwasher to clean?

Not only can you use the lids to safely store food, they are also microwave-proof and so can be used to heat up leftovers or meals with little effort.

(DigHealth/ Amazon)
You may find they're one of the best kitchen gadgets you've ever bought. (DigHealth/ Amazon)

Plus, they mean that we needn’t keep buying cling film which is better for the planet and better for our purses.

How they work:

The silicone stretch lids have tabs around the outside which can be slightly adjusted once in place to get a proper seal.

The silicone is nonporous and food doesn't stick to it, so silicone stretch lids are generally easy to clean and are dishwasher safe.

What the reviews say:

With almost 15,000 Amazon reviews, it’s clear that the silicone lids have become a staple in kitchens up and down the UK.

Not only do the reviews back up just how versatile the lids are, the biggest item someone managed to cover was a watermelon, while the smallest we scrolled past included onions, apples and avocado. One enthusiast call them a "a godsend".

"They are durable, versatile and have completely replaced cling film in my kitchen", says one top-rated review.   

While others customers note the DigHealth lids are the best ones they've tried: "These are the best ones I have ever tried and can’t recommend them enough to everyone because you can fit them easily onto your tubs etc and they clean up easily."

Buy it: DigHealth Silicone Stretch Lids 12-Pack | £7.99 from Amazon

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