Sinangag Station announces new franchising opportunity

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SINANGAG Station, an original Filipino-style restaurant based in Metro Cebu, recently announced a new franchise promo beginning December 2020.

As a treat, the company is offering the first five franchisees a huge discount on its franchise fee. Sinangag Station currently operates five corporate locations in Cebu and one in Maginhawa, Quezon City, while it also has three successful franchise outlets located in Cebu.

Sinangag Station was founded by Resty E. Esponilla Jr., a food enthusiast and entrepreneur with over 28 years of experience in the food industry here and abroad. He started Sinangag Station in a kiosk format, offering sinangag meals at affordable prices. The initial motivation to launch a new franchise opportunity came from the company’s confidence cultivated from its years of experience and honest feedback from loyal customers.

The franchise launch comes at the tail end of the year when more and more companies are reopening and finding new ways to effectively work amid difficult times. The company explains the significance of unity within the Sinangag Station community and how its marketing has made a difference coming out of the pandemic.

Sinangag Station, with its 17 years of experience in the food industry, has certainly created a formula for this proven franchise opportunity.

Sinangag Station began in 2003 with a passion to create an experience most Filipinos wanted: a homey ambiance to enjoy authentic Filipino food, with a fast and friendly service 24/7. The company is seeking franchisees who share the same passion that will represent the Sinangag Station brand.

For more information on the franchise opportunity with Sinangag Station, one can email the company at info.sinangagsta( or call its franchise hotline at 0917 193 8162. SPONSORED CONTENT

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