Singer David Archuleta responding to Singapore teen's viral video turned her day around

Reena Devi
Lifestyle Reporter
(Photo: Irny Irdin)

Irny Irdina, a Singaporean diploma student, went viral internationally last week for a video she posted on Twitter where she sang the main vocals and ad libs of David Archuleta’s song “Crush”.

Posted on 6 December, the 17-year-old’s tweet received over 360,000 likes, with even the American Idol seventh season runner-up contestant responding on the same day and recreating a similar video two days later. This news was picked up by Buzzfeed who interviewed Irny.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore about the attention she received in the past week for her viral video, Irny described it as “the best part of my year”, but “overwhelming” and a bit “paiseh”.

Currently studying for a Diploma in applied drama and psychology, Irny said her phone “blew up” with notifications following the post. She was forced to turn it off and ignore her phone.

Even though she found the attention pretty overwhelming in the first few days, she said it was “rewarding when people said the post made their day”. She did “not mean for it to reach everybody, let alone David Archuleta”, she said, laughing.

Irny originally posted the video on Instagram Stories and subsequently posted it on Twitter to revive her account. She had been inspired by watching the the music video for “Crush” recently and remembering how much she liked the song.

The highlight of the whole experience for her was Archuleta himself responding to her tweet, a definite highlight in her year, she said.

“Oh my goodness, the day after I posted it in the morning I was looking through Twitter and I noticed the retweet count increased. Then I saw his name and I thought it was fake (but) it was actually his verified Twitter account, and I started screaming and jumping,” Irny said.

 The next day, when she was rushing to school on the train, she saw he had recreated the video. Even though she had been having a “bad morning”, she said her day was “turned around” at that moment.

 The aspiring drama teacher has no immediate plans to bank on her social media viral status, but will post interesting videos when she has ideas to do so.

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