Singer JJ Lin releases 14th album entitled 'Drifter / Like You Do'

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JJ Lin with Mickey Huang. (PHOTO: Warner Music)
JJ Lin with Mickey Huang. (PHOTO: Warner Music)

Singer-songwriter JJ Lin has released his long-awaited 14th album titled, ‘Drifter / Like You Do’, on all digital platforms today (20 October). ‘Drifter,’ the first half of the album, consists of six Mandarin tracks with its title track lead single, while ‘Like You Do’, the second half of the album, features a new English track “While I Can.”

According to a press statement, the ‘double-dimensional’ EP examines the blurred lines between dreams versus realities and the possibility of a parallel universe. Lin, who was involved from the start with the production and vision of the album, shared: “In life, there is always light and darkness, to consciously hold on or to let go. Returning to a rediscovery of life, the album tells a story about all of us. I could be your voice, just as you could be mine.”

Adapted from his original Mandarin song “Wonderland,” the English track “While I Can” sees Lin partnering with American producers for the song production. The English version gives the song a new life with gentle, alluring lyrics juxtaposed with a dark and contemporary song arrangement that sets to pave Lin’s way beyond the Mandopop market.

Watch the recorded livestream below.

The music video for ‘Drifter’ is also currently out now on JJ Lin’s official YouTube account.