Singer Moira Dela Torre denies knowing about ‘Marcos Fest’ she performed at; netizens provide receipts to prove otherwise

A Filipino singer faced a slew of criticisms over the weekend for headlining a concert in Ilocos Norte that celebrated the 101st anniversary of late dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ birth.

The singer, up-and-coming pop star Moira Dela Torre, insists that she wasn’t aware that the Sept. 11 (Tuesday) concert was a celebration of Marcos’ birthday.

Netizens and organizers, however, provided evidence to show that it was impossible for Dela Torre to be unaware of the concert’s real purpose.

Marcos was born on Sept. 11, 1917 in the town of Sarrat in Ilocos Norte. Despite numerous corruption and human rights abuse cases, the dictator is celebrated as a hero in his home province of Ilocos Norte.

Dela Torre posted on her Twitter account on Saturday saying that she thought that the concert named Marcos Fest, was called Ilocano Millenial Night.

She wrote: “From the earlier reminders ’til before we got there, they addressed it as the Ilocano Millenial Night. Not once was his name brought up. So let me be clear about this: I performed for the people of Ilocos and NOT for Marcos.”

However, the head of the tourism office of Ilocos Norte, Aian Raquel, denied that her office misled the singer.

Raquel posted the following message on her Facebook account yesterday: “Nobody tricked you, Moira Dela Torre. You knew that the event was called ‘Marcos Fest,’ at the very least posters were up even before you flew to Laoag, [Ilocos Norte]. Don’t make it seem like we lied to get you to perform. Ask your agent and your manager about it and please, don’t blame the ‘producers.'”

Raquel also slammed Dela Torre’s performance at the concert. “[W]e were really appreciative of you even if you were late for 20 minutes and with a bad, sickly voice. You were supposed to perform @ 10pm. We all had fun, Moira. But now that you are complaining about performing at an event where you’re (sic) requirements and demands were given, including your [talent] fee, why are you being rude?” she wrote.

Another Twitter user named @paranoid_androo rebutted Dela Torre’s tweet by showing a post from the event’s official account which announced her presence at the concert. His tweet also showed that what looks like Dela Torre’s Facebook account has liked the post.

The issue also led to the discovery of a now-deleted tweet from two years ago where Dela Torre expressed support for President Rodrigo Duterte and said God made him the president “for a reason.”

Netizen @jerichorayel wrote: “I think Moira and I are on the same faith. Usually, we say this to emphasize God’s works. But categorically, it should be, ‘God allowed it to happen.’ Her singing at the Marcos Event is worse.”

Dela Torre also distanced herself from that tweet.

Dela Torre’s problems showcase how politicized the Philippines has become.

Vladimir Ibañez wrote on Ilocos Norte tourism office head Raquel’s post in Filipino: “Who is she? I want to admire her but now I’d love to hit her on the head.”

Wrote Alain Opina: “She should return what she was paid. She’s stupid.”

Some fans remain supportive of Dela Torre however. Wrote @ChinitoEffect: “Moira is just being professional. [I]f she was asked to do something against her will for sure she will say no. Aside from that just let her work and don’t teach her things that could ruin her career as a musician just because we have our own agenda.”

Angelo Mangubat believes that Dela Torre was fooled by organizers. “Marcoses really are liars and thieves. Hahahahaha, like that secret burial.”

He was referring to the time in 2016 when the Marcos family secretly buried the dictator’s remains at the Heroes’ Cemetery amid a slew of public protests.

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