Single ’11:59’ a ‘realization of a vision’ —KZ

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Nine years after winning the grand prize in “The X Factor Philippines,” Kristine Zhenie Lobrigas Tandingan–Monterde, better known as KZ Tandingan, has released a single targeted for the international market.

Entitled “11:59” under Tarsier Records, the song, according to KZ, is the “realization of a vision, the dream to go international... something I’m gonna remember for the rest of my life.”

As to the timing of the release (launched Oct. 21, 11:59 p.m.), KZ said “the pandemic made me realize that tomorrow is never promised.” But she still had to prepare because no matter how good a performer is, “preparation is still the key.”

As a performer, KZ said she has to be honest with herself; she immerses herself in the songs. She takes her time in understanding what the song is about for her to be able to tap into her emotions.

“11:59” was recorded in the city of Los Angeles.

“Three or four more songs will follow,” she said. But as of the moment, the focus is on “11:59.”

KZ also said the song is “closest to who I really am as an artist” of soul music. Thus the moniker, “Asia’s Soul Supreme.”

KZ narrated that she used to be a power belter dishing out songs of Celine Dion, Regine Velasquez, Whitney Houston and others, when a polyp grew in her vocal cords during high school which almost made her quit singing.

Then she learned the songs of Lauren Hill, JC Jay and company and “realized that music is not necessarily hitting the high notes.” From then on, she slowly went back to music, most often rearranging songs that she used to sing.

“My style, my music, everything has evolved,” said the artist.

“11:59” will “encourage people to face the problem, clear things up—whether they have to move on together or separately, giving the other party the ultimatum to either move on or break up.”

She said she’s happy to launch an international single for the first time. The next goal is then to release more singles and if given the chance, to do international shows, and in the process promote Filipino songs.

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