Should I sit/start Tuesday fantasy players?

Andy Berhens runs through some fantasy strategy after multiple game postponements in Week 15.

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: All right, let's talk about the postponements right now. Liz mentioned them at the top. We'll go over them again here. We'll just talk about a couple of strategic points related to this situation. We've had this drill before, right? This was all last season. 3 games have been moved due to COVID breakouts, obviously. Vegas and Cleveland on Monday, Seattle-LA and Washington-Philly to Tuesday.

Again, we've had this drill before. We've been through it. We know how to get through this. All stats are going to count in week 15. Liz has already touched on that. Waiver processing, that's bumped back one day. So instead of overnight Wednesday, it's going to be overnight Thursday. If you're the type of person who gets up at like dawn on Wednesday to see who didn't get claimed, you're going to be doing that on Thursday this week. It's a minor change.

In addition to giving COVID positive players a day or two to clear the list, this is also, in a way, this is good for anybody who's recovering from injury right now. This is particularly good for Jalen Hurts, Terry McLaurin, Miles Sanders, guys like that. So it's not all bad. Considering the intensity of the COVID situation in the NFL right now, I think my general advice would be that if you are currently undecided about two players, right? It's a toss up.

It's a coin flip. I would play whichever dude is actually active first. I would play the guy who's playing today. I wouldn't risk a DNP. People are still hitting the list. It's a problem. It's a concern. Up also, the final thing that I'm going to mention here, and it's probably the most important, with these Monday and Tuesday games, get those players in flex spots if possible.

Do it right now. Do it right now while you're watching the show. You want to maximize your replacement options if things take a turn for those guys. So just take care of that business right now. It's all you got to do.

Again, we've been through this before. This was the story of 2020. We'll get through it this week as well. Now let's send it to Minty to see what's trending in the sports book.

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