Six huge storms, hurricanes and typhoons have erupted at the same time

Rob Waugh
Super Typhoon Mangkhut (Picture NASA)

Hurricanes, typhoons and storms have erupted simultaneously around the world, with Hurricane Florence joined by monsters such as Typhoon Mangkhut.

Emergency teams are standing by in the Philippines for the arrival of the 180mph Mangkhut,
forecast to make landfall early on Saturday on the northern tip of Luzon island.

Tropical Storm Isaac is expected to be near hurricane strength when it moves through the central Lesser Antilles, with 70mph winds.

A red alert has been issued over Isaac (Getty)

Experts say that the sudden appearance of storms in the Atlantic is due to increased instability, mixed with relatively calm winds – which can brew up powerful hurricanes, the Washington Post reported.

Florence is expected to strike North Carolina’s coast on Friday, then drift southwest before moving inland on Saturday, according to Miami’s National Hurricane Center (NHC).

Hurricane Florence bringing life-threatening rain, storm surges as it barrels toward the Carolinas (ABC News)

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper said, ‘The time to prepare is almost over.


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Cooper said, ‘Disaster is at the doorstep and it’s coming in.’

In all, an estimated 10 million people live in areas expected to be placed under a hurricane or storm advisory, according to the U.S. Weather Prediction Center.