SKY’s the limit: Couples break boundaries of success together

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In this age of Zoom calls and online marketplaces, the internet is an essential now more than over. With almost everything done online, from classes to conferences, more so in this pandemic state of living, a fast and stable internet connection is essential, as attested by these power pairs who constantly juggle their personal lives while striving for success in this era of technology:

Dyan and Reylan Gayas

On top of raising two kids, Dyan brings fantasies to life with her photography studio Nono by Dyan and Reylan does social media and design projects for his international clients. Trying to make a living and have careers while also rearing children seems like the ultimate task, but these two have made it clear that it is in fact possible. For the couple, it’s all about time management, allotting regular days off every week for family. No matter how busy they are, family comes first after all. When they’re not hustling at work or their young students aren’t attending online classes, board games and movie nights are the stuff of quality time.

Atty. Jasper and Jessica Pelayo

Jasper is the head of legal for SunStar Cebu and also a partner at another law firm, while Jessica runs two of her own home-based businesses, pets’ accessories brand aPAWrel PH and cakes by Baked Cravings. From attending virtual meetings to answering customer inquiries, it’s no question that the two have a lot on their plates on a daily basis, as they need to be online almost every hour of the day. Luckily, the fast internet connection at home enables them to get more work done quickly and efficiently. While juggling their busy schedules is definitely a challenge, the recently married couple makes sure to cap the day off together, whether that’s over a cup of coffee or streaming the latest blockbuster online.

Jude and Alexa Crisostomo

In some situations, the lines between things business and personal intersect, such as the case of Jude and Alexa, life partners and co-directors of White Brick Creative Studio. The creative couple not only run a household together, they manage a company side by side too. Needless to say, stress is definitely a constant in the equation, even butting heads on occasion. But the two have found a way to make it work seamlessly, both creative and administrative tasks made doable. The global crisis has made planning for the future almost useless but regardless, the couple’s collective goal remains the same: to make White Brick a world-class design studio the country can be proud of.

Building a life together while pursuing separate endeavors is no easy feat, but for these three couples—with lots of patience, effort, mutual understanding, and a high-speed internet connection from SKY Fiber—both relationship and career can be nurtured without having to choose one over the other. You too can enjoy unlimited, fiber-fast internet with the newly-boosted SKY Fiber Super Speed Plans at 40Mbps for only P1,499/month. Other SKY Fiber plans bundled with HD cable TV are also available. Visit for more information.

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