Struggling to sleep? Create a custom pillow tailored to you

Maisie Bovingdon
Shopping writer

how to get a good night sleep

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A full eight hours of undisturbed sleep is one of the most sought after things across the globe.

Over the last month there has been a 2600% spike in people searching “How much deep sleep is healthy?” and “how to get to sleep” on Google.

While insomniacs may have tried pillow sprays, moisture wicking pyjamas, meditation or mindful apps to send them off to sleep, there are other alternatives to help you catch those much needed z’s.

Homeware brand Nanu, which was set up by sleep specialists, has been hailed the go-to shopping destination to make that goal more attainable.

Buy it: Nanu personalised pillow | £35 from Nanu

Buy it: Classic pillow | £25 from Nanu

The label allow customers to tailor their pillow, and duvet, to suit their needs in just four simple steps.

The process starts by asking customers to select their preferred firmness; from super soft to super firm.

Shoppers continue to share details on how they sleep, whether it is on the front, back or side, as well as their height and weight to create their perfect pillow.

The design, which is hypo-allergenic and filled with hollowfibre with a cotton cover that is eco-friendly and machine washable, is created and hand delivered for free to your home.

For those who are looking for a standard pillow can snap up Nanu’s classic pillow for £25, which is also hypoallergenic and measures 48cm x 74 cm.

Shoppers can also buy an innovative pillowcase, which is a cotton cover enriched with probiotics that produce carotenoids - a type of antioxidants - and will work wonders on your skin.

Buy it: Yu-nu pillowcase | £35 for a pack of two from Nanu

The design has been clinically proven to repair and protect your skin, especially from UV damage, balance your microbiome and decrease the appearance of wrinkles, to leave your skin looking as radiant as ever.

Customers can buy a pack of two pillowcases for £35, and customers can’t get enough of it, with some describing it as the “perfect night time moisturiser”.

One happy customer wrote: “I bought the Nanu pillow on behalf of my sister and she says it’s the best pillow she has ever had.”

“Nanu has given me the best pillow I have ever had. Wish I could give everyone I know one of these great pillows”, gushed another.

While a customer, who purchased the pillowcase, shared: “Yu-nu has been an amazing addition my night-time moisturising routine, my skin feels rehydrated and healthier.”

Plus, Nanu offer buyers a two-year guarantee, so they have every faith in their products.