SM Seaside City Cebu opens Noël Jardin indoor holiday theme park

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OVER the years, SM Seaside City Cebu has always pushed the envelope when it comes to Christmas trees. One year, it was perched on top of a life-sized carousel. In another year, it was accompanied by a giant peacock. For this year, the award-winning lifestyle destination pulled off its most ambitious Christmas project yet. In fact, it’s not only a tree—it’s a mini theme park right in the heart of the mall.

SM Seaside’s Noël Jardin takes inspiration from the renowned Gardens of Versailles in France. At a glance, one can see how the indoor park references several key elements of the famed European attraction, from the water fountain and maze-like landscaping to the golden swirls adorned on the Christmas tree.

Rather than stick to a standalone tree, the team of SM Seaside envisioned a multi-functional space, more than just a stop for a quick photo op. While the beautiful 35-foot Christmas tree makes for the perfect backdrop of a family portrait, mall goers can also shop from the curated selection of exhibitors from the Christmas market, which include freshly baked pastries and exquisite bottles of wine.

To really set the mood for the most festive season of the year, there will be pocket events and on-site entertainment scheduled regularly at Noël Jardin. One can take a pause from the hectic holiday rush and catch performances by The Golden Man (living statue performer), stilt walkers, acoustic bands and live painters, to name a few.

To avoid overcrowding and ensure that safety protocols are followed, entry into the main “garden” area is controlled and limited to 20 persons (both children and adults) at a time. The Noël Jardin will run until Jan. 9, 2022 at the Mountain Wing Atrium of SM Seaside City Cebu. Follow @smseasidecitycebu on social media for updates.

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