SMART: Empowering the Techno Pinoy

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How many of these do you have: a Facebook account? A Twitter account? A Smartphone with internet access? A broadband connection at home or a WiFi stick? An internal map of the internet cafés closest to your school, workplace, or home? If you said ‘yes’ to three or more, then you’re a TechnoStorming Pinoy, all right.

The Filipino has a natural affinity for social networking; one study puts social network penetration in the Philippines at 95%. We believe in connecting to one another and to the world; for many of us, mobile and internet connections are something we take for granted.

That’s why Smart Communications, the country’s largest telecommunications network, provides its subscribers with reliable broadband services. Staying connected via your mobile phone and tablet is now easier than ever with Smart’s reliable network. With internet usage packages that present subscribers with a myriad of solutions for different needs and lifestyles, users can control expenses with Unlisurf, All-Text, and All-In plans, or opt for Freedom and Unli Data plans or pocket WiFis to maximize their internet access.

Smart has continually pioneered in investing in innovative network technologies to accelerate progress for millions of Filipinos through connectivity. To ensure that its network is constantly the best choice for users, it rolled out the first commercial Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology network in the Philippines, called Smart LTE.

“Smart LTE network is designed to deliver upload and download speeds of up to 42 Mbps. It gives individual users performance that surpasses today's wired broadband. Moreover, this technology will be able to deliver even faster speeds of up to 100 Mbps in the near future," said Smart President and CEO Napoleon L. Nazareno during the recent launch of Smart LTE this year.
Because SMART LTE is up to 25 times faster than 3G and four times faster than HSPA and Wimax, subscribers can download movies in minutes, songs in seconds, watch high-definition videos on YouTube without buffering, and play online games without lag. SMART LTE is available on Plan 1749 with 10GB of data and Plan 3500 with 21GB of data via LTE Pocket WiFi or LTE dongle. They can also enjoy mobile social networking platforms, access GPS-enabled maps, browse the web faster so they can keep up with news, sports, and stock market quotes. File sharing will be relatively faster, too.

What all this translates into is freedom. The days of being harnessed to a computer, waiting for an internet connection to work are slowly disappearing, and Smart commits to help its subscribers Live More through fast, reliable connections; to use connectivity to change lives; and to change the game with improved broadband technology, putting information and connectivity right at the fingertips of every Filipino.