Smart Squirrel Pokes Holes in Water Container for Cool Drink in California Heat

A squirrel was caught wet handed as it nibbled through a water container for a cooling drink during California’s heatwave, footage shared on September 7 shows.

The video, recorded by Mark Connelly, shows a gray squirrel gnawing the neck of the container in an unsuccessful attempt to widen it.

Undeterred, the squirrel then resorts to using its teeth to nibble some holes. A first hole soon allows a thin stream of water through, which the squirrel uses to wash its hands and face. Then, from a second hole, the squirrel finally enjoys a drink.

Connelly told Storyful that squirrels are his daily visitors. “I heard [a] scraping noise outside and saw the squirrel on the bottle,” he said of this encounter. Credit: Mark Connelly via Storyful

Video Transcript