‘Smarter’ Cities Planned For BPOs

The Philippines must develop "Smart Cities" and "Smart Countrysides" to transform itself into a global hub for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

Providing the needed infrastructure is just part of the process, according to members of the BPO industry.

"We must also align talent development to the needs of the industry, provide incentives to the local government, create awareness among real estate developers in the area so they can develop their commercial sub-sectors," argued Tony Del Carmen, Chairman of the Laguna Industry Network for Knowledge, Innovation and Technology Foundation (LINK-IT).

"The concept of the smarter city is to develop a whole ecosystem that will promote the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in the development of BPO companies," he stressed.

"The biggest hurdle of the ICT industry right now is talent development," Del Carmen observed.

Already, Santa Rosa, Laguna, named as the Silicon Valley or the Detroit of the Philippines, is gearing its development to be a smarter city.

Semiconductor industries and car manufacturing companies have set up in the area and major academic institutions are also moving in Metro Laguna aside from universities and colleges already existing there, such as La Salle, Xavier, University of Santo Tomas (UST), Systems Technology Institute (STI), Lyceum and Letran.

Hence, the National ICT Confederation of the Philippines (NICP) will launch its "Smarter City/Countryside" campaign during the 5th NICP National ICT Summit on November 22-23, 2012 in Santa Rosa.