Smoke Blows Across New Mexico Interstate After Vehicle Sparks Grass Fire, Officials Say

Smoke and flames were seen on an interstate near Santa Rosa, New Mexico, after a vehicle sparked a grass fire on May 12, officials told local media.

The fire, called the Alkali Fire, burned 1,200 acres by Thursday evening and was started by a vehicle on Thursday afternoon, officials told local media.

This footage, captured by Zane Heard, shows the fire activity on Interstate 40 as he drove west of Santa Rosa.

Heard told Storyful that the conditions were “dry and extremely windy” at the time of filming, while the National Weather Service described conditions as “literally as dry as physically possible” for the area around the same time.

Dry and hot conditions were forecasted to continue throughout the weekend, the NWS said. Credit: Zane Heard via Storyful

Video Transcript


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