Snow Devil Swirls in Chicago as Snowstorm Cripples City

A winter storm dumped more than seven inches of snow on parts of Chicago on February 9, forcing the cancellation of more than 900 flights at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, sparking school closures, and causing disruption to traffic and public transport.

In the city’s Fulton River District, a snow devil formed. The moment was captured by Amber Connor.

The National Weather Service said that by 12pm, 7.3 inches of snow was recorded at O’Hare Airport, and 6.7 inches at the National Weather Service station in Chicago.

Nine inches of snow was reported in Belvedere, Boone County, north-west of Chicago, the service said. Heavy snowfall was expected to continue into the late afternoon before easing off in the evening. Credit: Amber Connor via Storyful