Alex Gonzaga caught on video smearing birthday cake frosting on a server’s face, netizens pissed

Birthdays are usually a time of revelry with room for antics, but just where do you draw the line?

Alex Gonzaga was slammed on social media after a 12-second video of her blowing out the candles on her birthday cake — and proceeding to smear the frosting on a server’s face — went viral.

The comedy host and social media star was reportedly celebrating her 35th birthday with friends, mostly fellow celebrities, in Makati City. An Instagram story was posted showing a server holding a chocolate cake in front of Alex, who was with her husband.

Alex then proceeded to dip one hand into the chocolate frosting before smearing it on the server’s face.

This did not sit well with people online, who said the celeb was insensitive and disrespectful.

“Being a star is not license to be disrespectful,” one user wrote.

“It’s not right. I wish she just smeared the frosting on her husband’s face instead. You can clearly see the waiter was uncomfortable since he was humiliated,” another said.

“That waiter’s job description did not include having cake frosting on his face and being embarrassed at a public event, even a popular celebrity’s,” one wrote.

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