Social Welfare chief Erwin Tulfo to sue ‘useless’ dads who don’t support their kids

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A portrait of social welfare chief Erwin Tulfo.
Department of Social Welfare and Development Secretary Erwin Tulfo. (Photo: Erwin Tulfo/Facebook)

Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Secretary Erwin Tulfo has warned erring fathers that his agency will go after them if they still refuse to give financial support to their children.

Isa ‘yung mga single parents na nagkakaproblema na ‘yung bastardo nilang ex, yung bastardo na mga ama ng kanilang mga anak, ayaw magsustento. Susulatan ng DSWD, kasi wala silang malapitan ngayon,” Tulfo said in a TV interview with Malou Mangahas.

(One of our single parents’ problems is that their former partner, the father of their children, doesn't give monetary support. DSWD will write to them, because they don’t know where to go.)

“I will encourage them to come to DSWD, we will help them out. We will write letters. If not, we will file cases against the father of the children para magsustento (to give support) because it is under the law now,” Tulfo added.

Under Republic Act 9262, or the Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act of 2004, depriving a woman or her children of financial support legally due to her or her family is a crime, as well as deliberately providing insufficient support.

Marami pong hindi nakakaalam, akala nila dahil hindi sila kasal pero andun yung pangalan sa birth certificate ay libre sila. Mali po ‘yun,” Tulfo added. “You have to pay o ika nga sustentuhan mo yung anak kahit di kayo kasal o kahit na-impregnate mo lang yung babae pero andun sa birth certificate yung name mo. You have to pay ika nga sustento to your child.

(They think that just because they aren’t married but their name is on the child’s birth certificate they can get away with it. That’s wrong. You have to pay or meet your obligation to your children even if you didn’t get married or you just impregnated the woman.)

Radio host-turned welfare chief Tulfo, who used to host “Tutok Erwin Tulfo” under Radyo Pilipinas, is known for his straight and tough talk after hearing various complaints from distressed citizens.

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