Soil investigation for 4th Cebu-Mactan bridge underway

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TO PREPARE for the construction of the fourth Cebu-Mactan Bridge, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (Jica) has conducted a soil investigation for the detailed engineering design of the new bridge.

Rusty Alegre, the geotechnical engineer of Jica, said on May 25 that they have deployed 11 drilling rigs in Mandaue City simultaneously to perform the soil investigation along with the areas where the project will be built.

Alegre said the soil investigation is important to determine the hardness of the soil layer in the areas where the foundation of the bridge will be installed.

It could also determine the depth and diameter of the foundation, and the number of foundations to be installed for the project.

The soil samples that will be retrieved from the drilling will also undergo laboratory tests, said Alegre.

After this, Alegre said they can then design the foundation piles of the bridge.

This project has two components, the Mandaue Coastal Road and the fourth bridge.

The Mandaue Coastal Road starts on Ouano Ave. going to the coastal area of Mandaue City, then under the first and second bridge, going to the fourth bridge which starts at the Cansaga bridge to the area near Marina Mall in Lapu-Lapu City going to the airport.

Jica has conducted a soil investigation at corner A. Soriano St. and D.M. Cortes St. since one of the foundations of the Mandaue Coastal Road will be built in the area.

“We were supposed to drill in the middle of the street but we just opted for an offset at the sidewalk since we did not secure permission to block the road,” said Alegre.

Alegre said they started the soil investigation in February and are targeting to finish it within 2021.

After the detailed engineering design, Alegre said they will submit this to the Department of Public Works and Highways Central Office for approval and bidding.

The funding of this big-ticket project is a loan agreement between Jica and the national government. (KFD)

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