Solar News Channel Combines News, Entertainment

Solar News Channel is dedicated to delivering the latest news broadcast around the metro, telling the story of the Filipino people. A number of newscasts complete the full roster of this news channel, making ''Solar News'' a strong bet in the world of unbiased media.

Not only does this informative news channel deliver strong, hard news to the public, but also airs shows that keep viewers entertained at the same time. Shows like ''60 Minutes,'' ''Undercover Boss,'' ''Top Gear,'' and ''Titans'' make Solar News Channel the new talk of the town.

With veteran news anchors like Jing Magsaysay, Pia Hontiveros, Nancy Irlanda, Claire Celdran and Mai Rodriguez as pillars of the fast-rising news channel, Solar News Channel is taking the world of informative media to the next level.

Solar News Channel is on Sky Ch. 16, Global Destiny Ch. 28, Cignal Ch. 21, Cablelink Ch. 12, and on free television SBN Ch. 21.