Solo: Helping a loved one get more active

Pio Solon
·2 min read

Happy Valentine’s!

Lately we’ve been seeing more people getting concerned about the health of their loved ones. What might concern us more is their lack of action toward getting healthier. Our foresight tells us that if nothing is done, things can get even worse.

How can we get our loved ones to engage in healthier habits?

Suggest activities you can do together

Maybe it’s a walk, or dance, doing stretches together, the key is to find something that both of you enjoy doing.

Be more understanding

I’ve found that it is so easy to be judgmental about someone else’s health and fitness. Try to understand why they are the way they are with their health. It could be that they were raised a certain way, or the stresses they encounter each day. So try to be more understanding.

Lead by example

Show your loved ones that good health is attainable by leading by example. Show them your progress. As humans, we are wired to desire something that is good for us. This is even more important for parents who are concerned with their children’s health.

Structure home-life toward health

When we create healthier dishes, hide unhealthy junk and snacks, put in some exercise equipment in conspicuous places, we make it easier for our loved ones to partake in a healthier lifestyle.

If you’re reading this and you’re the one “needing” to get healthy, I hope you also realize that getting healthier allows us to be able better to love, serve and care for people close to us.

If you’re suffering from any condition or disease that makes it challenging for you to engage in routine exercise activities, consult your doctor for guidance on an exercise strategy that suits you.