Solon: 3 simple ways to maintain healthy habits

Pio Solon
·2 min read

THIS time of Covid-19 allows us to realize how important our health is, with some people re-learning healthy habits. Although mental health issues rise during this time, physical activity and exercise are ways to improve our mental health. As society gradually gets back to normal, how can we get started and maintain healthier habits?

Plan and prepare

Have you ever been guilty of procrastinating on your health? Plan your routines ahead. Most people schedule their exercise sessions. What also helps is to already prepare your gear and your clothes for the exercise so that it is in full display in your bedroom. I know some women who are more motivated to work out when they just bought exercise outfits! This advice also works well for food. Prepping your vegetables and fruits allows you to make sure that you’re going to use them for the next meal.

Set the environment

When it comes to exercise, music that gets you pumped and a space dedicated to exercise works well. Getting rid of junk food in your homes decreases temptation to start binging. Getting in the zone by establishing routines of where you work out, the music you use in working out, and the time you exercise also help.

Be accountable

While we cannot be fully present physically with other people, being online is a close alternative. Exercising with a family member and pursuing your health goals together increases the rate of succeeding. Writing your goal on a piece of paper and sharing it with other people also increases your chances of following through on your goals!

Focus on the simple building blocks first. The rest can follow. It’s never too late to start getting healthier, and for those of us who’ve started during the lockdown, let’s maintain those healthy habits and try to make the best out of the situation we are currently in. As always, consult your doctor before embarking on an exercise regimen especially if you have a medical condition.