Solon: Credible YouTube fitness

Pio Solon
·2 min read

YOUTUBE has become an indispensable source for those who want to get fit, but it can also feel like the Wild Wild West at times. Some Influencers get away with saying things like “Fructose is a hormone” when it’s actually a sugar found in fruits that’s directly absorbed into the blood during absorption. Whereas a hormone is a type of signaling molecule produced by glands, transported by the circulatory system and directed to organs in a means to regulate physiology and behavior.

Credible Youtube Fitness influencers should take responsibility for publishing their content and should put in the work to make sure that what’s being put out is balanced and informed.

Here is a list of some credible YouTube Fitness gurus:

Physique Transformation - Jeff Nippard

For guys looking to look more muscular Jeff Nippard’s content is geared toward losing body fat and gaining muscle. He talks in a very balanced and informative manner, which explains to the viewer the science as well as the process behind his physique training strategies.

Women’s Fitness – Natasha Oceane

Natasha Oceane is a fitness guru from London, UK and has a PhD in biophysics. She does a good job of explaining nutrition and fitness for women and emphasizes the utilization of strength exercises as well as interval training to help women achieve their physique transformation goals.

Athleticism – Stack

YouTube channel Stack has a compilation of Strength and Conditioning workouts of athletes as well as advice from strength and conditioning coaches like Mike Boyle, one of the top strength coaches in the US. With strength and conditioning, it’s important to know where your limits are as professional athletes will require different strategies than the weekend warrior.

There are a lot of other YouTube fitness influencers who publish good content. As consumers we have to listen carefully to what is being published and ensure that we are not getting bad advice.