Solon: Easy rules to help you decrease calories

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A general rule of thumb for losing weight is to decrease your caloric input by 500 calories per day. 500 calories is roughly two cups of rice, four packs of crackers, or two regular cheeseburgers. Others also swear by tracking calories in the same manner that you track finances. Every time calories come in you can note it down in an app like myfitnessPal, the same thing when calories go out. Some of us are able to do this, while others are turned off that with everything going on in our life, we still have to weigh and write what we’re eating.

What if there are some rules that can help us decrease calories just by following them? This should definitely help us keep our eating on track. Here are some rules we can follow to decrease our caloric intake.

Say no to calories in beverages

A glass of Coke is 140 calories, milk tea around 230 calories, with boba this is more than 300 calories. Now if you’re someone who has a Coke for lunch and then milk tea for a snack, that’s almost 400 calories per day! So if you’re looking for an easy way to cut down on calories, take out calories coming from beverages. This can be in the form of fruit juice, soft drinks, sugared coffee and tea.

Choose one protein, one carbohydrates

Have one protein and one carbohydrate in your meal. For example: Steak and Potatoes, Chicken and Rice, Salmon and Couscous etc. So if going fast food, just have the burger with the patty. Ditch the fries, ditch the soft drinks. So for example, if you’re having fried chicken, just have it with rice. Don’t add mashed potatoes and/or slaw with tons of mayonnaise.

Do not eat to get full

Our stomach has organelles that measure how expanded it “feels.” When we always eat to the point of feeling full, these organelles start thinking that being “full” is its normal position. This means that the next time we eat, we then look for the feeling of getting full. So remember that meal of protein + carbohydrate that you had, that should be enough food to help your body function until the next meal or even more than that.

While following these rules will not automatically help you lose weight, doing these in a consistent manner could be an easy way to get you on a path to better health. For more detailed nutrition advice, consult a registered dietitian to get a nutrition plan that takes into account your personal goals and limitations. Stay healthy!

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