Solon: Exercise and injuries (Part 2)

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Working and consulting with other professionals in the field of exercise often provides us with additional context that can help in our own fitness journey.

For today’s column, I invited Dr. John Lloyd Hermosisima who specializes in the field of Orthopedic-Surgery, and also is an athlete and avid exerciser himself.

I first met Dr. John when he was training at our facility for his strength and conditioning. I wanted to get his take on exercise and injuries and share it with everyone who reads this column.

As an orthopedic surgeon, what are the most common injuries that you see from fitness folks?

“Most of the time it’s overuse injuries, like shoulder impingement syndrome, patellar tendinitis, or just plain muscle soreness from weekend warriors. For athletes, we usually see knee injuries like ACL tears and meniscus tears. In the ankle, usually ankle sprains and Achilles tendon tears.”

From your experience as an athlete and medical practitioner, what common mistakes do you see people make in their fitness routines that cause them to get injuries either acute or chronic?

“Most of the time, people do too much with little time, rushing everything and expecting to see faster results! Sometimes the lack of proper technique or poor execution of exercise leads individuals to these injuries, especially if there is no one there to guide or check on progression!”

What advice can you give to athletes and avid exercisers alike to help prevent or decrease the chances of getting an injury?

“Proper warm-up and preparation are a must! Always remember fitness is a journey! For those who are just starting or even for professional athletes, consultation in a training facility would be a big help in achieving their goals, injury free! Always listen to your body and don’t forget proper nutrition and adequate rest!”

What is your ideal exercise training routine like?

“I always do sport-specific workouts, especially because I train in Jiu-Jitsu that involves a lot of ground combat and submission holds. I make sure I do myofascial release and dynamic warm-ups prior to drilling and sparring. My strength training usually involves free weights like kettlebell and functional training using the TRX. And of course, post-workout stretching is equally important!”

How do we get in touch with you for clinic consultation for injuries and other orthopedic matters?

For all your orthopaedic needs, may it be sports-related injuries, degenerative disease, fractures or even spine problems, you can visit Spine and Orthopaedics Cebu at Chong Hua Mandaue Medical Arts Room 938, Chong Hua Medical Arts Basement 1 and UC Medical Arts Room 301.

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