Solon: Getting a hold of our health

Pio Solon

HAPPY New Year, everyone!

It’s once again the time of the year when we focus on our health and try to lose weight. There are those of us who are blessed to have made healthy living a lifestyle, and there are also those who aspire getting healthier but may not know where to start. For myself, I started the year outdoors getting some sun, sea and sand, swimming and being active. I am really hoping that this is the year I can participate and learn different skills in sports as well as chase after some personal goals in the weights room. I think to accomplish these, I will need to train smarter.

In my role as a health and fitness professional, I get asked what’s the “fastest, quickest, or effortless” way to get healthy and lose weight. From our experience, change happens as a result of commitment, discipline and understanding what comes first in our health and fitness.

Here are a few principles to get you started:

1. There’s no such thing as quick and easy

2. Long-term consistency trumps short-term intensity.

3. Fundamentals first, everything else after.

Fundamentals first

If you want to get healthy, sleep well, eat healthier food and have consistent movement. These are the most salient points. Everything after is “gravy,” so to speak. It’s your preference now whether you run, swim, bike or lift weights. Supplements are merely “supplemental” to a varied, balanced and moderate diet. But whatever your goals are, these are tied together by quality sleep.

Let the end of this decade be different for our long-term health. Let’s focus on the fundamentals so we can set our health to be better for the future.