Solon: Harder to kill

Pio Solon
·2 min read

It’s almost going to be a year of living under Covid-19. We’ve lived under lockdown and quarantine restrictions for maybe half of a year. We’ve had friends and relatives infected and some who’ve passed from the disease.

We are all still here though, trying to figure out how we can all get to a new and better normal. This pandemic has exposed the cracks in our healthcare systems and even our own personal health. Surely, one way or another, we’ve all thought about our health during the course of this pandemic.

We always used to say, “Health is wealth.” It cannot be truer nowadays. Rich or poor, we’ve all been affected by this pandemic one way or another. Some have lost lives, others their liberties, and others their livelihood. And this doesn’t just bode for our physical health. For some, the prospect of lockdowns and quarantine measures, not being able to socialize and integrate with society, has had a heavy toll on their mental health.

So how can we all move on from this pandemic onto a new and better normal? For sure, much of our society as a whole lot is reliant on the economy reopening and getting back to the growth we experienced prior to the pandemic.

For our personal health, we have to do our best to make ourselves harder to kill. And what does that mean? The pandemic will stay, the vaccines will help us not get the more severe symptoms of the disease, but our own personal health is perhaps what we can control the most. Are we eating nutritious food? Are we getting fitter through the course of this pandemic? Are we sleeping the recommended number of hours? Are we managing our own stresses well?

What are we all actually doing to make our personal health better? Are we controlling it the best way we could, or are we just going back to how we used to do all these things?

The answer is all up to us. Ultimately, we all have control over our own health. The ball is always in our court, has always been.

Let’s all make ourselves harder to kill, vaccine or otherwise.