Solon: Healthy to be free

·2 min read

As a democratic nation, we love the idea of freedom. We have the freedom to vote for our leaders, to express ourselves. We have the free right to practice any sort of religion. Unless you’re committing a serious offense or a crime, you’re practically free to do whatever you want.

In recent times we’ve been hearing the terms “financial freedom”—having the financial means to live the lifestyle you want, and “spiritual freedom”—the freedom to practice whatever religion you choose. However, people seldom talk about “physical freedom”—the freedom to do what you want to do because your body and health can do it!

One of the reasons why we adhere to democratic ideals is that freedom is a good thing! A healthy manner of thinking about freedom is to think that it is a responsibility, not an entitlement. We also must strive to maintain a healthy balance of freedom. When we have too much freedom, a lack of structure appears in our lives. Too little freedom also rids us of the enjoyment from our lives.

There are those who argue too, that it is difficult to get healthy when all time is spent at work—chasing financial freedom. But how can you enjoy this financial freedom when you start losing your physical freedom because of sickness and disease?

When we ask anyone what they want for their own health, most would answer not to get sick, to be healthy enough to provide for their family, to keep on doing what they love doing until they grow old, to not be too dependent on medications as we get older, to be able to play and enjoy time with grandchildren. While ageing is inevitable, we know of those who look old for their age, and even those who look young for their age! Which would we rather be? These goals epitomize what physical freedom is.

We attain physical freedom when we work on our health. This means eating more nutritious food, getting in regular doses of physical activity, sleeping at the right time each day, managing our stress and doing these most of the time. If we want freedom in our health, we have to be willing to put in the work.

If you feel like you’re struggling in a specific aspect of your health, whether it’s exercise, nutrition, stress management, and sleep, do not hesitate to find a professional (nutritionist, trainer, therapist) that can help you with a sustainable plan and routine. Meanwhile, stay healthy, everyone, and get on the track to physical freedom.