Solon: Kickstart the year by eating healthier

Pio Solon

A LOT of sickness and disease come from unhealthy eating and living a sedentary lifestyle. Over time, we’ve learned to crave fatty, sugary food that are detrimental to our wellness and health—fast food, processed food, sugary beverages, chips etc. These all add inches to our waist and cholesterol to our blood, and could subtract years from our lives.

I understand how difficult it can be to change eating habits. You basically have to overhaul your entire kitchen and maybe, even a part of your life! Shopping lists have to change. You have to start researching for restaurants that offer healthier choices. You or your cook will have to learn new recipes. This is even more difficult when your household members or children do not enjoy healthier food. Given all these potential difficulties, I would like to offer three simple solutions to kick-start you into eating healthier:

Eat fruit or soup before your meal

Eating fruit and/or soup before your meals create a feeling of satiety. Fruits are filled with micronutrients that help our body function better. This can stop us from overeating and keeps our overall caloric consumption lower.

Replace rather than subtract

Instead of saying “no” to food, try substituting. For example, instead of having ice cream, substitute with a fruit smoothie. Instead of fruit salad with cream, instead try fruits in yoghurt.

Gradual change makes things sustainable

Some people are all or nothing. However, most are able to change when they gradually ease into things. Find a way to make eating healthy sustainable for you and your family. This could be by slowly introducing fruits and vegetables to your dining table or by replacing food little by little with healthier choices. Remember, long term consistency trumps short-term intensity.

Try these tips out and see how eating better can kick-start you into having the healthiest year of your life!

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