Solon: My personal health habits (Part 2)

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In Part 1, I talked about my own personal health habits with regard to nutrition and exercise. I try to exercise four, five times each week, depending on schedule, while keeping an eye to my future health and productivity. Nutritionally, I focus on whole unprocessed food with as much coming from organic natural sources. I don’t necessarily follow a diet. I just try to eat a balanced, moderate and varied diet. In Part 2, I will cover sleep, recovery and other matters in this article.

Sleep and Recovery

Sleep is something I hold sacred. Haha. I try to get in bed by 10 p.m., and wake up at a consistent time the following morning. Rarely though, I stay up late to watch some sports events.

For recovery, we like soaking in Epsom salt, a good walk, and getting unplugged from devices is quite relaxing.

We used to get weekly massages pre-pandemic. During this time of the pandemic we do self-massages and some light flexibility exercises.

I designate one day in the week as a day of rest, a Sabbath. This is when I am free to read, sleep, watch Netflix and chill, and just relax. In our household we call it the “nothing box,” so when you ask me during this day what I’m thinking about, I’ll just say “Nothing.” I’ve found that going into my “nothing box” prepares me for a productive week ahead.

Other Matters

In the past years, I’ve become a huge believer in probiotics and its impact on gut health. Not to promote any product here, but I’ve found that after taking probiotics my skin got clearer, my sleep deeper, and overall felt better in my health.

I don’t take any probiotic supplements. We eat kimchi, drink kombucha (brewed ourselves), used to take kefir. I eat natto when it’s available in the Japanese grocery store, and make my own lacto-fermented hot sauce. I’m sure there are other sources as well. This is something we do every day.

I make sure to hydrate well by drinking water almost every 30 minutes. We have at least a water bottle with us everywhere we go.

I do have some alcoholic beverages once a while, perhaps a drink or two in a week, very rarely anything more than that.

There you have it, these are my health habits. I still am trying to adopt better ones to further optimize my health. People say that getting healthy is costly. Yes, I believe too that it could be; however, getting sick could be much more so. Overall, no matter where we are in our lives, I believe that we should strive to be healthy using the resources available to us be that finance, know-how, time etc. I hope that by sharing my own habits, the readers here will be encouraged to pursue theirs as well. Until then, keep moving forward.

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