Solon: My personal health habits (Part 1)

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As someone who writes and talks about health quite often, I haven’t really written about my personal health habits. My routine is by no means perfect. I still see some areas I can improve upon, but I’ve also gotten to be proficient in some areas.

I will be sharing my philosophy as to why I do certain things a certain way and I hope those reading learn something from what I do that they can apply in their own personal health journey.

This will be a two-part series with the first being on exercise and nutrition, and the second will be on sleep and other matters.

This is my personal routine, and it doesn’t mean it will apply to everyone.


I do not train for any performance or aesthetic goal, although I am not averse to the idea. The purpose of my exercise nowadays is to exercise for productivity and longevity. To explain the former, I exercise so I can serve those around me to the best of my abilities. Longevity, because I train to be robust, keeping an eye on the future. I do not want to wreck my body by exercising too much or be physically inutile by exercising too little or not at all.

I try to get in at least four to five days of exercise each week. On weeks that aren’t too hectic, I’m able to get in six days of exercise. These aren’t all hard workouts. Most are at around 70-80 percent of my personal capacity. I do some strength training three, four times a week, with maybe one, two sessions of aerobic exercise.


As a former competitive swimmer, I used to have a bottomless pit as a stomach. I still sort of do to some extent. The area of portion control is one I struggle with quite a bit. I do not necessarily follow any sort of diet (many roads lead to Rome). I’ve just been able to find what works for me.

I prefer brown, black and red rice over white rice, not just because of its health content but also because I prefer the taste. I try to eat more white meat than red meat. I’ve found that a high consumption of beef and pork increases my allergic reactions. Although I LOVE beef and lechon, I sadly have to keep this to a minimum. I have days too that I mainly eat fruits and vegetables. As many would call it, I am considered a flexitarian.

I love pizza and beer, pastries, and food that aren’t considered healthy. But I try to have these in moderation.

Overall, I try to eat healthy with what is locally available. We try to have malunggay, coconut water and meat, camote, and fruits like guyabano, papaya, pinya, and banana as often as possible in our home.

Raw food like salad is also consumed liberally, with as much coming from organic food sources. I grow some microgreens and some of my own vegetables in hydroponics as a hobby. We try to have organic food sources for some peace of mind. I am also mindful that some studies say that there is no clear evidence of superiority from organic vegetables. It is just a matter of preference for us.

Green tea, freshly squeezed lemonsito with turmeric and honey is also a daily staple. In the mornings, I take warm water with apple cider vinegar and lemon before my organic coffee.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series!

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